The Wag Pad  
About Me 
From being very young I have always had a love for animals especially dogs. It wasn't until I was in the Army 
and operational in Northern Ireland, where I saw Explosive search dogs working that I realised becoming 
a search dog handler was the job I wanted to do. I applied at the first opportunity 
and 6 months later I was fortunate enough to  transfer over to the Army Dog Unit and became trained 
as a Guard Dog handler prior to being selected to become an Arms Explosive Search dog handler.  
I loved the job and really enjoyed working in a big kennel meeting so many breeds of dogs.  
On leaving the Army I finally had the opportunity to be owned by my own dog Arnold (Weimaraner) and then added 
the lovely Hugo (Rhodesian Ridgeback) to the family. Running a kennels has always been a dream and 
there couldn't be a lovelier kennels to run than this one.  
                            With Arnold and Hugo             Arnold a couple of weeks old           Here's looking at you!                                                                 
                           A very little Hugo                   With Arnold on holiday                       Handsome Arnold                             
             On our jollies at the beach             Hugo's first walk                    Best Friends                              
The Staff 
Lisa has been with us since September 2014. She has always had animals herself, dogs, rabbits and cats are favourite. 
Previously she worked for 4 years in a pet shop so has a good all round knowledge of small animals. The dogs adore her as do we! 
Lisa has been with us since March 2015. A great asset to the team, she comes from a farming background and has always loved dogs! She recently added to the family 
Frank, a feisty lttle Jack Russell who is beautiful! 
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